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204Station Building kit$37.25
206Loco Servicing Depot kit$25.00
208Apex Roof Canopy kit$18.05
209Platforms kit (2)$7.25
210Platform ramps kit (2)$8.95
213Station/street lamps (4)$7.11
214Yard Crane kit$7.11
215Water Tower kit$12.99
216Lineside fencing white$6.95
217Lineside fencing brown$6.25
218Laddering, brass etched$7.15
224Signal Box Interior kit$10.00
225Flat roof canopy and valance kit$18.05
232Coal/Builders Merchants kit$24.00
233Loading Gauge kit$6.95
238Concrete Lineside Huts$10.25
240Truss Girder Bridge$26.00
241Truss Girder Bridge + Trestle for 240$24.50
242Pair of girder sides$15.00
247Coaling Tower$19.99
250Signal remote control kit$8.25
255Water Trough$7.00
260Home/Distant Lower Quadrant Signal Kit$4.85
262Junction Signal kit$8.55
270Home/Distant Upper Quadrant Signal Kit$5.25
271Pratt Truss Gantry kit$5.35
Builder Packs:
301Brick Walling$6.45
302Coarse Stone$6.45
303Crazy Paving Slabs$6.50
304Wood Planking$6.50
306Tile roofing$6.50
309Industrial WIndows$7.00
310Domestic Windows$6.45
313Roughcast Walling$6.50
317Corrugated roof$7.00